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TRICIA REYES_In Between Chapters

We all go through different seasons of our life, some good and some challenging. It is so important to trust God and don't give up. Don't let people or circumstances define who you are, only God can define you! Be encouraged as your read my book "In Between Chapters"  and allow God to show you what your purpose is in this new season of your life! You can thrive and become all that God has created you to be!


Reach a Generation is a compelling and powerful story of a poor kid from the streets that God visited throughout his childhood and made Himself real to him which changed his life.
This is a true story of God’s grace and redemption, loss and sacrifice, from overcoming to triumphantly advancing God’s Kingdom. Pastor Luis Reyes’ story will inspire you, encourage you, and challenge to seek God’s vision and obey no matter the cost. His story will infuse your faith to believe beyond what you would ever imagine and see how serious God is about reaching the younger generation.


The Spirit and Power of Elijah is a map and a guide for those whose eyes are wide open to the crisis that faces us in our homes, in our communities in our churches and in our families. The pain of broken homes, dysfunctional families, crime in the streets, poverty and abuse are traced back over 4,000 years to a time when God raised up a man to speak His heart to a generation who had fallen away in error and unbelief. In an examination of the Prophet Elijah's life and ministry, Pastor Reyes allows us to learn from this Old Testament prophet how we can address the issues and the crisis we face today.

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